Ругательства на латыни. 16+

В жизни бывают ситуации, когда даже русского отборного мата не хватает, чтобы объяснить "тому-то" "это самое". Представляю вам просто фразы и просто ругательства. Но всё на латыни. (С переводом на английский.) в коментах прошу не использовать

  • Latin Swearing — English Translation
  • Te futueo et caballum tuum [ALSO: "Te futueo et equum tuum"]– Screw you and the horse you rode in on
  • Cunnus — Cunt
  • Irrumator — Bastard (lit. submits to fellatio)
  • Leno — Pimp
  • Flocci non faccio — I don’t give a damn
  • Mihi irruma et te pedicabo — Give me head and I’ll ass fuck you
  • Mentula — Penis
  • Meretrix — Prostitute
  • Bovis stercus — Bull shit
  • Spucatum tauri — Bull shit
  • Es stultior asino — You are dumber than an ass
  • Dorme mecum — Sleep with me
  • Es scortum obscenus vilis — You are a vile, perverted whore
  • Es mundus excrementi — You are a pile of shit
  • Cupis homines — You crave men
  • Bibe semen meum — Swallow (drink) my cum
  • Bibe semen meum e baculo — Swallow (drink) my cum from a cup
  • Globos meos lambe! [ALSO: "Pallas meas lambe!"] — Lick my balls
  • Es stercus! — You shit!
  • Moecha Putida — Dirty slut
  • Canis filius — Son of a Bitch (lit: son of a female dog)
  • Podex perfectus es — You’re a complete asshole
  • Futue te ipsum! — Go fuck yourself!
  • Stercorem pro cerebro habes — You have shit for brains
  • Caput tuum in ano est — You have your head up your ass
  • Perite — Fuck off!
  • Impudens es leno — You shameless pimp
  • Vacca stulta — You stupid cow
  • Vescere bracis meis — Eat my shorts
  • Tu scronium es — You are a whore
  • Androgynus — Hermaphrodite
  • Caput stercoris — Shithead (lit. head of shit)
  • Mentulam Caco — I shit on your prick
  • Obesus porcus — Fat pig
  • Cupio te meam mentulam sugare — I want you to suck my dick
  • Matris futuor — Mother fucker
  • Te odeo, interfice te cochleare — I hate you. Kill yourself with a spoon.
  • Matris Prolapsus — Bitch
  • Filius Nolius — Bastard (lit. nobody’s son)
  • Furcifer — Gallows-meat
  • Crucifer — A person who carries his own cross
  • Ad nauseam — To sickness
  • O tempora! O mores! — Oh, the times! Oh, the customs!
  • Stercus accidit — Shit happens
  • Hic puer est stultissimus omnium! — This boy is the stupidest of all!
  • O di immortales! — Good heavens!
  • Non Gradus Anus Rodentum! — Not worth a rat’s ass!
  • Vescere bracis meis. — Eat my shorts
  • Fac ut vivas. — Get a life.
  • Qui vir odiosus! — What a bore!
  • Quomodo cogis comas tuas sic videri? — How do you get your hair to do that?
  • De gustibus non est disputandum. — There’s no accounting for tastes.
  • Tum podem extulit horridulum — You are talking shit
  • Potes meos suaviari clunes — You can kiss my ass.
  • Saltatrix tonsa — Drag queen (lit. "shaved dancing-girl")
  • Lupa — Prostitute (lit. "she-wolf")
  • Quando podeces te regi eorum fecerunt? — When did the assholes make you their king?
  • Lupa — Slut
  • Cacator — Shitter
  • Plenus stercoris es — You are full of shit
  • Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem — In the good old days, children like you
  • were left to perish on windswept crags.
  • Apudne te vel me? — Your place or mine?
  • Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris — If Caesar were alive, you’d be chained to an oar.
  • Cepe indicum — Take a hint
  • Derideo te! — I laugh at you!
  • Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre? — Is that a scroll in your toga, or are you just happy to see me?
  • Fabriacate diem, punk — Make (my) day, punk
  • Fac ut vivas — Get a life
  • Apudne te vel me? — Your place or mine?
  • Hocine bibo aut in eum digitos insero? — Do I drink this or stick my fingers in it?
  • Obesa cantavit — The fat lady has sung
  • Id imperfectum manet dum confectum erit — It isn’t over until it’s over
  • Illegitimi non carborundum — Don’t let the bastards burn you
  • Labra lege — Read my lips
  • Lege atque lacrima — Read ‘em and weep
  • Morologus es! — You’re talking like a moron!
  • Noli me vocare, ego te vocabo — Don’t call me, I’ll call you.
  • Noli nothis permittere te terere — Don’t let the bastards get you down.
  • Nullo modo — No way
  • Puto vos esse molestissimos — I think that you are very annoying
  • Qualem blennum! — What a doofus!
  • Qualem muleirculam! — What a bimbo!
  • Quisque comoedus est — Everybody’s a comedian
  • Quo usque tandem abutere patentia nostra? — How long are you going to abuse our patience?
  • Quomodo cogis comas tuas sic videri? — How do you get your hair to do that?
  • Radix lecti — Couch potato
  • Raptus regaliter — Royally screwed
  • Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem! — Stand aside plebeians! I am on imperial business
  • Scio vos esse molestissimos — I know that you are very troublesome
  • Stultus est sicut stultus facit — Stupid is as stupid does
  • Tace atque abi — Shut up and go away
  • Ut si! — As if!
  • Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant — May barbarians invade your personal space
  • Utinam coniurati te in foro interficiant — May conspirators assassinate you in the mall
  • Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant — May faulty logic undermine your entire philosophy
  • Vacca foeda — Dirty cow
  • Vae! — Damn!
  • Viri sunt Viri — Men are slime
  • Immanissimum ac foedissimum monstrum! — Gross and putrid monster!
  • Faciem durum cacantis habes — You have the face of a man with severe constipation
  • Mala pituita nasi — Nasty nasal drippings!
  • Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem. — Stand aside plebeians! I am on imperial business.
  • Si me rogas, potes abire et tu ipse cacare. — If you ask me, you can go and shit on yourself.
  • Semper in excremento, sole profundum qui variat. — Always in the shit, just the depth that varies.
  • Varium et semper mutabile femina — Women have fickle temperaments
  • Commodum habitus es — You have just been owned
  • Canis matrem tuam subagiget — Dog has desecrated your mother
  • Hic erit in lecto fortissimus — He is Hercules in the sack
  • Asinus Stultissimus — Dumbass (lit. "Very stupid donkey")
  • Caput tuum in ano est — Your head is in your ass
  • Quid agis faces tuas comas sic facere — How do you get your hair to do that?
  • Quaecumque virgo adest ille amat — He loves whatever girl is present.
  • Sic (ita) age ut frater tuus — Behave as your brother does.
  • Tuam matrem feci — I did your mother
  • A tergo — In the ass
  • Fili mei boni — Sounds like feel my boner
  • Scio erit in lecto fortissimus — I am Hercules in the sack.
  • Filius tu canis et cameli — You are the son of a dog and a camel
  • Nothus homo — Bastard (of a known father)
  • Spurius — Bastard (of a unknown father)

Ну и для тех, кто даже английский плохо понимает!

  1. Scrofa stercorata et pedicosa – "Грязная и завшивевшая свинья"
  2. Stultus stultorum rex – "Тупейший из тупых"
  3. Stultus stulta loquitur – "Тупица тупицу учит"
  4. Cacator – "Засранец"
  5. Tuam matrem feci" – "Е…л твою мамашу"
  6. A tergo" – "В жопе"
  7. Perite" – "Отъ…ись"
  8. Futue te ipsum! – "Трахни себя сам"
  9. Podex perfectus es" – "Ты полная задница!"
  10. Bibe semen meum" – "Отсоси"
  11. Mentulam Caco" – "Сраный х…"
  12. Stercus accidit – "Вот дерьмо" (?)
  13. Potes meos suaviari clunes – "Поцелуй меня в зад"
  14. Faciem durum cacantis habes – "У тебя рожа, как у страдающего запором либо у тебя лицо человека, страдающего острыми запорами"
  15. Caput tuum in ano est – "У тебя голова в жопе" либо "У тебя вместо головы жопа"
  16. Es stultior asino – "Ты глупее осла"
  17. Canis matrem tuam subagiget – "Псы имели твою мамашу" либо "Твою мать трахнул пёс" (в смысле дефлорировал).
  18. Vacca stulta – "Тупая корова либо грязная корова"
  19. Nothus homo, а также Spurius – "Сукин сын" (первоначально о ребёнке от неизвестного отца).
  20. Filius tu canis et cameli – "Ты сын собаки и верблюда"
  21. Scio erit in lecto fortissimus – "В постели я Геракл" (видимо, образно, дословно – "силён")
  22. Asinus Stultissimus – "Тупой осёл"
  23. Hic erit in lecto fortissimus – "Он в постели Геракл" (см. 21)
  24. Commodum habitus es – "Тебя только что поимели"
  25. Semper in excremento, sole profundum qui variat – "Всё время в дерьме, только глубина меняется"
  26. Si me rogas, potes abire et tu ipse cacare – "Если ты меня спросишь, то лучше насри на себя" (дословно, как это олитературить?..)
  27. Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem – "Прочь, плебеи! Я на государственном задании (на службе)"
  28. Mala pituita nasi – "Отвратительные сопли"
  29. Immanissimum ac foedissimum monstrum! – "Толстое вонючее чудовище!"
  30. Viri sunt Viri – "Мужчины – дрянь"
  31. Vae! – "Чёрт!, Б*я!"
  32. Tace atque abi – "Заткнись и проваливай"
  33. Quo usque tandem abutere patentia nostra? – "Ну и долго ты собираешься испытывать наше терпение?"
  34. Qualem muleirculam! – "Ну и тёлка!"
  35. Puto vos esse molestissimos – "Кажется, ты меня уже достал"
  36. Noli nothis permittere te terere – "Не позволяй ублюдкам принижать тебя"
  37. Morologus es! – "Ты идиот (слабоумный)"
  38. Labra lege – "Читай по губам"
  39. Mihi irruma et te pedicabo – "Иди сюда, и я надеру тебе зад"

Я надеюсь, что люди, если и не перестанут ругаться (только в крайнем случае, конечно), то будут делать это немного культурнее.

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